Q & A

Q & A

Q: I’m not a very experienced diver, will this be an issue?

A: Not at all. I’ve been leading divers, experienced and new since 2007. I pay close attention to my divers, but try to let them do as much on their own without having to “babysit” them the whole dive. You’ll be under great supervision.

Q: How long should I plan for from pick up to drop off?

A: Plan for at least 4-5hrs.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A:I only ask that you bring a towel and change of clothes. Anything else is at your discretion.

Q: If I can’t dive for whatever reason, will I get a refund or discount?

A: Unfortunately, NO to both. Being that I buy commercial seats on other dive boats, I’m obligated to pay for the seats whether you dive or not.

Q: How much do I leave for a tip, and is it customary to tip the captain/crew?

A: This is always something divers think about before disembarking the dive boat. Keep in mind, lots of people may think we SCUBA pros make bank. Totally the opposite. Many hold down second, sometimes third jobs to make ends meet. Look at it this way, if two of you spend $250 at a restaurant, how much would you leave as a tip? Well, as dive professionals, every diver we take out, their lives are somewhat in our hands. It’s all about perspective. A waiter brings you food and a bill. A dive pro gets up before the sun does, loads tanks, readies gear, drives to pick up divers, sets your gear up, shows you countless, unique critters, breaks gear down, then takes you back to your hotel. Then back to do it all over again. You decide what that’s worth. But no worries with HHD, tip or no tip, you’ll get the same attitude and quality customer service you deserve. As far as the captain/crew, if you felt they were of help during your excursion, feel free to to them as well.

Q: I’m a fairly large person, is it a good idea I go SCUBA diving?

A:This is a concern for all dive professionals. There’s a difference between being large and being large and unhealthy. Last thing a dive guide wants is a diver having a heart attack underwater. If you’re a first time diver, I’d check with your doctor first before SCUBA diving. My policy is, 250lbs max. And not an unhealthy 250lbs. Also consider this, being that large, most dive operations may not have the gear to fit you. Especially wetsuits that large. Sorry, but that’s just reality.

Q: I sometimes have an issue with NOT being able to equalize my ears. Will this be a problem?

A: Maybe a trip to ENT would be a good idea before your trip. You may have an underlying issue. But it won’t affect your time underwater. I will not rush you to get down to depth. I want YOU to be relaxed and comfortable, so however long you take is dependent on your issue.

Q: How long will we be underwater?

A: Great question. The length of time you spend underwater depends on your depth, as well as your breathing pattern. Certified divers know about this, but being a first time diver, it varies to a certain degree. I once had a first timer go 9minutes on a dive which MOST first timers would go 30-40 minutes. He did better the second dive, he got 14 minutes. Let’s just say he was a very excited diver. You never know, this may be a once in a lifetime thing for you. Enjoy it no matter how long you’re underwater.

Q: If only one of us qualifies for the discount, can we all get it since we are with that person?

A: Nice try. Unfortunately it cannot.