First time, non certified divers, please answers these questions prior to booking dives. If YES is answered on any question, you will not be able to dive without a physician clearing you to dive for that particular question answered YES to.

1. Do you have a history of high blood pressure, angina, or take medication to control blood pressure?                                                       

2. Are you over 45 and have a family history of heart attack or stroke?          

3. Do you have a history of bleeding or blood disorder?                                     

4. Do you have a history of diabetes?   

5. Do you have a history of seizures, blackouts or fainting, convulsions, epilepsy, or take meds to control them?                                                          

6. Do you have a history of back, arm or leg problems following an injury, fracture, or surgery?                                

7. Do you have a history of fear of closed or open spaces, or panic attacks (claustrophobia, or agoraphobia)?                                           

8. Do you currently have an ear infection?                                                   

9. Do you have a history of ear disease, loss of hearing, or problems with balance?                                            

10. Do you have a history of ear or sinus surgery?                                           

11. Are you currently suffering from a cold, congestion, sinusitis, or bronchitis?                                                 

12. Do you have a history of respiratory problems, severe attacks from hayfever, allergies, or lung disease?                                                      

13. Have you had a collapsed lung(pneumothorax), or history of chest surgery?                                           

14. Do you have active asthma, or history of emphysema, or tuberculosis?                                             

15. Are you currently taking medication that carries a warning about any impairment of your mental or physical abilities?                  

16. Do you have behavioral health, mental or physiological problems, or a nervous system disorder?                   

17. Are you, or could you be pregnant?                                                   

18. Do you have a history of colostomy?                                                 

19. Do you have a history of heart disease, or heart attack, heart surgery or blood vessel surgery?